Put A Dank on It 440ml can

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Put A Dank on It Southern Hemisphere DIPA by Wylam Brewery in collaboration with Gold Things Brewing Co, 8.5% ABV, 440ml can. As described by the brewery:

"Wait! Hold on a minute, pull it up, stop! You know what you wanna do with that right? You wanna put a bangin' DANK on it! GALAXY! (Ah wicked!) Put a DANK on it. NELSON SAV! (Ah that is sick that mate!. Put a DANK on it. ELLA! (Oh now that is good!) Put a DANK on it. VIC SECRET! (Where’d you learn that one?) Put a DANK on it. ENIGMA! (Yeah I like that!) Put a DANK on it. Aye! That’s good that Tony! Aha ha ha sick!".